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Security Videos for Purdue Staff Members (Third Edition)

The Security and Policy department within ITaP has purchased training video licenses from SANS, a leading security training corporation. These short internet and computer security awareness videos provide good information with minimal time commitment.

These videos can be accessed via Blackboard in the "Securing the Human" course listed under My Courses. Please contact Diana Byers at or 6-3567 if the course is not available.

Recommended videos:
Module Name   Description        
Mod 04: Browsing The browser has become the gateway to the Internet; it is the primary tool that employees use for online activity.  As such, browsers (and their plugins) have become a common target for attackers. We teach people about these attacks and how to browse safely, including keeping the browser and plugins updated, avoiding bad neighborhoods, and being careful of and scanning what they download. 03:10
Mod 08: Encryption Many recommended security controls use encryption, yet few employees know or understand what encryption is or what it can or cannot do.  This module explains in simple terms what encryption is, how it works,  and why data should be encrypted.  We focus only on the most common uses of encryption, such as encrypting files or encrypted browser connections. 01:51
Mod 09: Data Security​ Organizations have a tremendous amount of sensitive information they must take extra steps to protect.  This module explains steps, including the use of only authorized systems to store or process sensitive information, restrictions on transferring or sharing such information, and requirements for securely disposing of sensitive data. 03:47
Mod 10: Data Destruction​ Many employees mistakenly believe that when they delete data the data is gone for good.    They are unaware that it can and is easily retrieved from almost any device. We explain the concept of securely wiping data and why it is import to wipe, and not to simply delete confidential data. ​ 01:56​

Contact Information:   Cheryl Gray, manager human resource operations, Administrative Computing, 47388