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Employment Opportunity

The following employment opportunities were posted on the Purdue University Careers website.

Description: Responsible for performing internal audit work under the direction of the audit director or other auditors. Use basic audit principles, skills, and techniques so that financial, compliance, operational and information systems audits are competently and efficiently performed in accordance with professional auditing standards. Independently completes audit steps by analyzing, documenting, and communicating results in support of an overall audit. Continuously improves audit strategies and approach based on risks assessed, while ensuring compliance with professional auditing standards. Works closely with audit staff and recognizes audit efficiencies that will aid auditors in achieving strategic goals and initiatives. Highly confidential position requiring strict adherence to Internal Audit’s code of ethics and professional auditing standards. Periodic travel may be required.
Department: Internal Audit
Reports to: Jeff Tatum; audit manager
Posting #: 1300703
Incumbent: Joe Tylenda
Description: Extensive internal audit experience and project management skills are required in order to produce internal audit work which conforms to professional standards. Typically works in ambiguous situations in which internal audit criteria must be established and protocols defined. Principal auditors will normally be assigned the largest and most complex audit projects undertaken and will be actively involved in making decisions regarding the scope of work performed, the depth and breadth of audit testing needed, and reporting disposition of results with on-going communications between the principal auditor and the director of audits. Effective communications are critical. Acquire and analyze complex data for anomalies or irregularities utilizing data mining, fraud detection, and/or forensic techniques. Complete complex audits based on risk assessment, data analyses, and multidisciplinary reviews (compliance, financial, operational, information systems, and investigative reviews). Use specialized internal auditing knowledge in completing financial control assessments, determining compliance with accounting standards and University policies and procedures, laws and regulations, etc. Identify institutional financial risks, controls that mitigate risks, and provide an assessment to demonstrate the effectiveness of the controls. Duties include analyzing evidential data as a basis for an informed, objective opinion and preparing comprehensive reports. Prepare audit programs based on risks assessed, independently conduct audit field work, and write detailed reports. Will be assigned to direct, train, and instruct other auditors on audit projects. Highly confidential position requiring strict adherence to Internal Audit's code of ethics and professional auditing standards. Some travel is required.
Department: Internal Audit
Reports to: Peg Fish; director of audits
Posting #: 1300704
Incumbent: Terry Aldridge
Description: Direct the management of the finances and Business Services for the Vice President for Research, including the Global Policy Research Institute and the Centralized Animal Facilities with annual expenditures exceeding $27.5 million. This position is responsible for the management and administration of the business functions of the department of the Vice President for Research and acts as the resource/liaison for the Department and central offices. Provide proper interpretation of University, federal, and sponsoring agency policies and procedures. Work closely with central offices and other business services entities in meeting the strategic goals of the University. Serve as a mentor and key resource to other Administrative Business Staff within the department. This position must maintain a unit that provides excellent business services support to the Department Head, Directors, faculty, staff and students within the Vice President for Research.​
Department: Business Office Support Academic Services
Reports to: Christy Haddock; director of financial affairs
Posting #: 1300708
Incumbent: Tabitha Wolff
Referrals are welcomed and encouraged. Please send them to Melissa Martin, talent acquisition specialist for Human Resources.
Contact Information:   Melissa Martin, talent acquisition specialist, Human Resources, 46239