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Wire payments need both ZV60 and DocuSign to complete

<br>&nbsp; The Payroll and Tax staff sees several wire payments stalled in the ZV60 Fiori dashboard awaiting the DocuSign documents.  With the new ZV60 process implemented on 7/1/18, all wire payments require both the ZV60 (for account posting and approvals) and the DocuSign documents (for actually sending the funds out by Treasury). 
<br>Purdue only sends checks to international vendors to Canada or Mexico, if desired; funds needing to be sent outside of the US, Canada or Mexico require sending via wire transfer of funds.  Without the DocuSign process finished, these international payments are set to have a check sent to the international vendor, most likely in error.
<br>Business staff needs to access the Fiori dashboard, review the applicable ZV60s, and make sure that all payments intended for wire transfer have the DocuSign process completed also.
Contact Information:   Jane Coleman, nonresident tax adminstrator, Payroll Services, 62344