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COVID Tracking IO

<br>&nbsp; ​We are asking you to set up separate COVID IOs to track S&amp;E costs. There is no guarantee of reimbursement or relief from Federal or State relief funds, nor is there a guarantee of central reimbursements to departments.  However, if we do not track these costs we have no chance to apply for relief, nor can we tell how much the COVID event has cost the University.  Therefore, it is important to set up these IOs and track related costs.
<br>FEMA fact sheet on reimbursable costs is attached.  Some FEMA related examples:
<br>Emergency Operation Center CostsDisinfection of eligible public facilitiesCOVID related temporary medical shelter setup/patient transportCOVID related medical supplies/equipment/waste disposalPersonal protective equipment/hazardous material suitsCOVID related communications costsCARES and other Congressional Acts also provide relief for costs to convert to online education and other COVID related costs resulting from changes we must make in our business, and should be posted to COVID IOs.  
<br>Some examples:
<br>Costs to convert to online educationNon-refundable costs that were lost due to COVID related cancellations (i.e.: study abroad or conference costs—not payments using the one-time COVID vendor).  Non-recoverable excess expenses and losses on revised activities due to impact of COVID.  If the revised activity (ie: virtual commencement as opposed to live) costs are in excess of the budgeted original costs, a JV should be done to capture the excess.  Please contact Comptroller if you have these situations. Special instructions for IO setup:
<br>Request IO as instructed in KO01 – Create Internal Order QRGDescription of the IO should begin with COVID for ease of identificationPlease select a Parent Funded Program (as these costs will be consuming general or other funds, so we won&#39;t have deficit balances in these new COVID IOs).  The Parent Funded Program should have the same fund, funds center, business area, and DAC as the new IOPlease enter COVID in the Endowment Funds 5 field.  These fields are used for special groupings (even though they are labeled Endowment) so this will group all COVID costs togetherPlease enter an end date of 12-31-2021 for these IOsYou do not have to complete the IO template identifying reason for request on theseIf COVID costs are identified on a grant and are allowable, do not set up child IO.  These costs will be identified by SPS at the end of the grant.  If COVID costs are not allowable, they should be moved off of the grant to an appropriate COVID IO.An area may have multiple COVID IOs, depending on your situation, funding sources, and expenditure type (functional area).
<br>For COVID related costs already incurred that may be reimbursable, please do a JV to move those costs to these IOs.
<br>Reimbursements paid using the special one-time COVID vendor payment process should not use these COVID IOs to avoid double counting.
<br>Please do not use cost distribution to move any S&amp;W costs to these IOs at this time.Questions on COVID expenses?  Contact Kathy Thomason Questions on setting up COVID IO?  Contact Rebecca Miller
Contact Information:   Rebecca Miller, , Accounting Services,