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News Releases: Form I-9 Tentative Nonconfirmations Must Now Be Addressed Within 10 Business Days

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Form I-9 Tentative Nonconfirmations Must Now Be Addressed Within 10 Business Days

<br>&nbsp; Effective 11/01/2020, all Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs) received in the Onboarding Dashboard must be addressed within 10 business days of receiving the result to comply with new guidance from E-Verify.&nbsp; A record in TNC status must either be closed as Incorrect Data and resubmitted to E-Verify or, if no data entry errors are found, referred within 10 business days.&nbsp; Receiving a response from E-Verify after referring the employee is not required within the 10 day time frame as employees are given 8 business days to call to resolve their TNC status.Employees must be physically or virtually present during this process.&nbsp; Completion of the TNC referral process and/or E-Verify Correct Data process without the employee physically or virtually present is considered documentation fraud.&nbsp; If employee is referred, the Further Action Notice (FAN) and Referral Date Confirmation (RDC) documentation must be provided to the employee.&nbsp; Documentation cannot be sent through email, and employees completing this process virtually can receive their documentation via FileLocker.All records in TNC must still be reviewed for data entry errors prior to taking any action.&nbsp; If an employee receives a Tentative Nonconfirmation from the Social Security Administration (SSA), prior approval must be received from Central I-9 Support to refer the employee to SSA to confirm that no data entry errors are present.&nbsp; Attached is a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) with instructions on how to complete the TNC process in the Onboarding Dashboard.
Contact Information:   Central I-9 Support, , Human Resources,