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Accounts Receivable FY22 annual write-off dates

The non-student FI-AR Accounts Receivable annual write-off will process today (June 9), with a backup date of Friday, June 10.

Business offices may review dollars written off for their respective area by running:

                ZFI_WO_RPT-Customer Bad Debt Write-off Report

                                Company Code:                   PUR

                                Customer:                             2000000-199999999

                                Fiscal Year:                            2022

                                Write-off post date:            6/9/2022 to 6/10/2022

                                G/L Account:                         543035

                                Document Type:                  ZA


                FAGLL03--G/L Account Line Item

                                G/L 543035-FI-AR Write-Off

                                All Items:  6/9/2022 to 6/10/2022

                                Layout:  /FI-AR WO


                                Results summed by BA, Doc type ZA


For information regarding FI-AR write-off, contact Carol Robbins, 49-40917.

For information regarding FI-AR reporting, contact Edie Doland, 49-47362.

The student BANNER Accounts Receivable annual write-off will process on June 16, with a backup date of June 17. The general ledger posting will be the day following the process date.

Business offices may query dollars written off for their respective areas by running:

                FAGLL03--G/L Account Line Item

                                G/L 543033-Banner Write-Off

                                All Items Posting:  6/17/2022 to 6/18/2022

                                Layout:   /BURAR WO


                                Results summed by BA, Doc type BB


Banner Form TGIACCD-Account Detail Code Query.

The Banner write-off G/L is 543033.

For information regarding student Banner write-off, contact Joya Luzinski, 49-47364, or Michelle Fulk, 49-47575.

For information regarding Banner reporting or running TGIACCD, please contact Cheryl Files.

Contact Information:   Edie Doland, , Accounts Receivable,