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Revised Position Description and Temporary Position Request Form Available Online

The most notable update on the Position Description is the removal of the Supervision Roster.  Supervisors are asked to update their direct reports in Manager Self Service (MSS).  An additional question has also been included on page two of the description asking whether the position requires a CDL or driver's license.

Changes to the Temporary Position Request form include two documents that must be read concerning the Fair Labor Standards Act and temporary employment information.  The links are embedded in the form for convenience.  There is a box to check stating the individual has read and understands the information.

The updated forms are posted on HR's Forms web site.  HR urges staff to dispose of older versions of these forms and use only those on the HR Forms web site.

Questions about the Position Description may be referred to the staff member's compensation specialist.  Questions about the Temporary Position Request form may be referred to Julie Schultz-Cory.

Contact Information:   Sasse Steele, Senior Compensation Specialist, Human Resources, 67752