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Changes to Flight Upgrade Policy

A long standing policy related to flight upgrades is about to change, effective January 1, 2014.    While it is always important to exercise care in incurring expenses when traveling on University business, it is also important to consider the traveler’s time and comfort.    With more and more focus given to global research and learning, a recommendation has been approved to no longer require a written exception for flight upgrades on international flights when the flight time (plus stopovers) exceeds 14 hours.   When the trip request has been completed through Concur, the traveler's supervisor will be notified of the upgrade.  

Other reasons for requesting a flight upgrade are allowable, but will still require a memo written to the Director of Procurement Services for approval (prior to the trip when possible).  These reasons are:
  1. When use of a class other than coach is necessary to accommodate a medical disability or other special need – for short-term medical conditions this is approved on a trip by trip basis, and for ongoing conditions this can be approved annually for the Purdue fiscal year
  2. When exceptional security circumstances require a class other than coach class airline accommodations (i.e., use of coach class accommodations would endanger your life or University property)
  3. Coach class accommodations on an authorized/approved foreign air carrier do not provide adequate sanitation or health standards
  4. No space available in coach class accommodations in time to accomplish the mission, which is urgent and cannot be postponed
For more detailed instructions on flight upgrade exceptions, please visit our website at 
Contact Information:   Gayle Stetler, Manager, Accounts Payable/Travel/Pcard, Procurement Services, 61608