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Ariba Implementation Enhancements Continue

Following the implementation of the initial purchasing, sourcing and analysis tools of the Ariba system, Procurement Services continues to work with its customers and IT to improve the processes and user experience. The ongoing initiatives are summarized below:
1.     Deferred items – several efforts are currently underway
a.     Split by amount – Expense for Purchase Orders (PO) can currently be split on a percentage or quantity basis, but not an amount basis. This functionality was anticipated for SRM. Once enabled, this functionality will allow for the cost of the purchase to be shared by amount. Watch for a notice of release and QRC when this is available.
b.    Reopen Purchase Order – Closing the PO is allowed when receiving a partial shipment. If a PO is reopened to allow for any remaining shipment to be received, manual intervention is needed by Procurement staff to reopen the PO for postings. This will automate the reopen functionality to reduce the time and effort to post the receipts correctly, reducing manual reconciliation between the goods receipt and the invoice.
c.     New Reconciler Role – This new role will be enabled to allow non-fiscal approvers to research and reconcile invoice reconciliation exceptions. This role will not have fiscal approval authorizations, but will be able to reconcile an exception.  Once reconciled the exception will go through the fiscal approval flow, when required.
2.     Other deferred items will be addressed as we complete the ones listed above. These include allowing for $0 items on a PO and certain blanket purchase orders.
3.     Phase II – implementation of two more modules is underway
a.     Contract Management – This module will create a University-wide database and protocol for procurement contracts, providing a means of searching on certain data items, such as suppliers, termination dates, etc. Standardized clauses and structured templates will help authorized contract authors create more robust contracts, mitigating risk for the University.
b.    Supplier Information and Performance Management – This module will bring a new functionality to the University, enhancing supplier demographics and performance metrics. Ultimately, supplier scoreboards could be developed for periodic performance reviews with certain key suppliers. This should help navigate supplier selection over time.
These updates will be implemented in June through late fall, following performance tests. Stay tuned for updates via Business at Purdue News!
If you have questions, please contact the Procurement help desk at or 765-494-7279 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Contact Information:   Cindi Stinebaugh, Business Analyst, Procurement Services, 765-496-6444