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SPS Pre-Award Restructures Support for Discovery Park Proposals

​Sponsored Program Services recently implemented a restructure to improve services across all Pre-Award Centers.  This restructure moves services provided for Discovery Park proposals to the academic Pre-Award Center, increasing the number of staff in several of the centers, and resulting in a more balanced workload for the Pre-Award Specialists and better service for the faculty.

A recent review of proposal activity found that a large percentage of Discovery Park proposals (approximately 40% in FY13) were handled by the lead investigator’s primary academic Pre-Award Center.  Given that the original implementation of the Pre-Award Centers did not include Discovery Park proposals in the workload counts for the academic centers, the existing staffing levels were determined to be inadequate. 
The impact on faculty is expected to be minimal as the change is only to the structure of the staffing per center and not the services offered.  Faculty may still contact to obtain support for a Discovery Park proposal.  Discovery Park will continue to be the lead unit on proposals when appropriate.  Faculty from Discovery Park who do not have an academic appointment will continue to work with the Central/Discovery Park Pre-Award Center.
Additionally, new center managers were appointed as part of the restructure and to fill an existing vacancy.  Jenny Siemers has returned to the College of Engineering effective May 5th.  Jessica Williams joined the Purdue staff this week as the Central/Discovery Park Pre-Award Center Manager.  Other staffing moves and new hires have taken place.  Contact information and staff lists for each Pre-Award Center are available on the Pre-Award website
Contact Information:   Amanda Hamaker, Assistant Director, Sponsored Program Services, 69647