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HR Asks That SAP Users Log Out of System by 5 p.m. Friday

The Human Resources (HR) retraction program will run starting at 5:15 PM. on Friday, June 13th.  The HR retraction program updates data concerning employees’ salaries in preparation for instituting the merit pay raise authorized by the Board of Trustees.

University staff should log out of the SAP system no later than 5:00 PM EST on Friday, June 13th.  Regional campus staff located in the Central Time Zone are asked to log out of the SAP system no later than 4:00 PM CST on Friday, June 13th.
The HR Retraction Program is expected to cause SAP to be unavailable for approximately five hours, or until approximately 10:15 PM on Friday, June 13th.
Contact Information:   Sasse Steele, Senior Compensation Specialist, Human Resources, 67752