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“Available Card Charges” Pane Timeline Details

Visa Travel credit card transactions are displayed in the ‘Available Card Charges’ pane on the ‘My Concur’ page.  These charges, including any credits received for incorrect charges or refunds, must be imported and reconciled in an expense report.

The import process begins by the cardholder swiping the credit card. Within seconds the charge goes back and forth between the merchant’s bank, Visa or MasterCard, and the processor for authorization or decline. After the charge has been approved, the merchant must “batch” out the charges, which are forwarded to the merchant’s financial institution. Once the charge is sent to the merchant’s financial institution, it is posted to the credit card account (JP Morgan Chase has received the charge). From there, Chase sends a file to Concur to be imported. Concur loads the file within hours of receipt.
Travel Card Processing Map.jpg

Concur begins sending email reminders to the traveler 30 days after the charge is incurred. These emails will continue until the expense report with the imported charges has been submitted. Travelers may disregard these emails if the trip has not been taken. Guidelines state that expense reports should be submitted no later than 60 days from the trip return date.
It is best practice that travelers do not submit an expense report until all charges are displayed in the ‘Available Card Charges’ pane. It can take up to 10 business days for the charges to be imported into Concur.
Some examples of delays may be:
       Smaller merchants may only batch out their charges once or twice a week.
       It generally takes longer for the information to get to all the banks that are involved when charges take place with an international merchant.
Below are some tips for troubleshooting:
  1. Refresh the ‘Company Card Charges’ section:   On the ‘My Concur’ page in the ‘Available Card Charges’ pane, click ‘View All Charges.’
  2. Verify that the delegate has not added the charge to a recent report.
  3. Enable ‘New company card transactions arrive’ emails under Expense Preferences in Profile.  This will trigger a notification email to be sent when new card charges appear in the ‘Available Card Charges’ pane.
Contact Information:   Gayle Stetler, Manager, Accounts Payable and Travel, Procurement Services, 61608