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Kronos’ ‘True Time’ Configuration Live July 14th

To ensure appropriate and timely pay, the University requires accurate timekeeping and reporting for all nonexempt employees.

Automated Grace, the 6-minute rounding rule currently applied to “in” and “out” punches for the scheduled shifts in Kronos of full-time, part-time, and temporary nonexempt employees who utilize the PC time stamp, touchpad, or mobile device entry methods, will be removed effective July 14th.  

True Time refers to the practice of tracking time in hours and minutes on the timecard in Kronos. Each day’s total time will be rounded to the nearest tenth for payroll processing. This change upholds the University Policy of recording time to the nearest tenth while simplifying timekeeping practices for employees and supervisors. Employees are expected to arrive and depart on schedule; grace periods may still be used by departments as a part of attendance policies, however it will no longer be automated within Kronos.

For additional details regarding true time, the true time implementation, and the reasons for and benefits of this change, please see True Time Announcement for Supervisors.

For technical questions regarding Kronos, true time, or timekeeping, contact Payroll Services at

For questions regarding HR policy, departments should contact the appropriate Human Resources Representative.

Contact Information:   Linda Baer, Assistant Comptroller, Payroll Services, 67863