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Paid Personal Holidays, Paid Personal Business Days Available for FY 2014-2015

Paid personal holidays and paid personal business days for fiscal years 2014-2015 are available for use starting July 2.  Neither paid personal holidays nor paid personal business days carry over from one fiscal year to the next.

Each fiscal year, the University provides one paid personal holiday to regular, benefits-eligible clerical and service staff who have completed three continuous months of service.  The paid personal holiday, which employees may use for any purpose, is eight hours maximum and proportionate to the employee’s capacity utilization level (CUL) for the fiscal year.  Paid personal holidays must be taken in no less than half-day increments. 

The University provides faculty, continuing lecturers, administrative and professional staff, and operation/technical assistants with personal business days each fiscal year to conduct personal business that cannot be handled outside of regular business hours.  Employees may take up to three workdays proportionate with their CUL of paid personal business without loss of benefits.  Paid personal business days must be taken in no less than half-day increments.

Reminder: Business Offices with inactive monthly staff on July 1 will need to adjust those employees’ personal business days when the employee returns to active status.  To make the adjustment, please submit a Quota Corrections Form to the Payroll Office.

Contact Information:   Tammy Synesael, Leave of Absence Administrator, Human Resources, 41691