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Delegates May Now Email Receipts to Traveler’s Receipt Store in Concur!

​Any delegate with a verified Receipt Store email address can now send receipt images to the Receipt Store on behalf of a traveler.  The images will be available in the receipt store to attach to an expense report.   In order for the delegate to email receipts on behalf of their travelers, both the delegate and the traveler are required to verify their email address in their profile.  (For instructions on verifying email addresses, see page 3 of the Traveler Profile in Concur Travel and Expense QRC. 

To send receipt images to the user’s Receipt Store, the delegate creates a new email to and attaches the receipt image.   The delegate then puts the traveler’s email address in the subject line and sends the email.  They system will confirm that both the delegate and the traveler have verified their email addresses, and that the delegate/traveler relationship exists.  One of three things will happen:
  1. If BOTH verification steps are true (delegate AND traveler have both verified their email address in their profile; and there is a delegate/traveler relationship), the image is added to the traveler’s Receipt Store.
  2. If there is no valid relation between the delegate and the traveler, the image will be added to the delegate’s Receipt Store.
  3. If the delegate does not have a verified email address, the email will be discarded.


Contact Information:   Gayle Stetler, Accounts Payable and Travel Manager, Procurement Services, 61608