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LyndaCampus Quick Tip

More than 3000 studies on emotional intelligence have shown that it contributes to both professional and personal success. Boosting emotional quotient, or EQ, is tied to more effective leadership, entrepreneurship, career success, as well as happiness and relationship satisfaction. Check the clips below for specific tips and strategies for developing emotional intelligence.

1.     Log in to LyndaCampus via the Purdue LyndaCampus Portal.
2.     After logging in to the portal, click a link below to the view clip.
Note: If the clip fails to open directly in Internet Explore (IE), it can be located by searching for the clip title on the main course page. Alternate browsers (Firefox) may alleviate this issue. For assistance accessing LyndaCampus, see the Resources section of the Purdue LyndaCampus portal.
Clip Title
Clip Length
4 minutes, 5 seconds
3 minutes, 55 seconds
5 minutes, 23 seconds
4 minutes, 20 seconds
Note: Additional clips play after viewing each segment. To explore other topics, utilize the “Browse the library” or search feature on the Purdue LyndaCampus Portal.
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