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3/20/2019Payroll Calendar Updates
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5/11/2022Ariba catalog system available again
5/11/2022Ariba catalog system experiencing outage
10/12/2021Ariba catalog system available again
10/11/2021Ariba catalog system currently experiencing outage
8/10/2020Fisher Scientific catalog currently unavailable
6/23/2020Office Depot catalog issues resolved
6/22/2020Office Depot catalog currently unavailable
10/1/2019Qiagen catalog
10/1/2019Qiagen catalog
9/24/2019Digi-Key catalog
9/4/2019Digi-Key Catalog issue
6/30/2019Fisher Catalogs
5/23/2019Fisher Catalog issues
3/7/2019Ariba System
9/20/2018Fisher Catalog - Ariba
9/7/2018Ariba Catalog - Kirby Risk Down
9/6/2018Ariba System - Resolved
9/6/2018Ariba System
8/28/2018Ariba Catalog
8/28/2018Ariba Catalog
7/16/2018Receiving in Ariba
7/10/2018Ariba Catalog - Cannon IV
7/9/2018Catalog - Cannon IV
7/9/2018Ariba Catalog - University Stores
5/29/2018Ariba - Xerox Catalog
5/10/2018Ariba Catalog - HP Products
5/8/2018ARIBA - Office Depot catalog
3/9/2018Digi-Key catalog within Aribia
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6/28/2022Correction to year end calendar date
6/1/2022Accounts Payable announces a delay in AP300 access for vendor requests
5/17/2022Potential delays with new vendor, change vendor requests
3/25/2022BSI TAX Tools is now functional
3/22/2022BSI Tax Tools in SuccessFactors not functional
11/17/2021Potential delays with new vendor, change vendor requests
9/16/2021Potential delays with new vendor, change vendor requests
8/23/2021iLAB billing issues
8/16/2021Reminder: SEEMLESS summer pay 2021 biweekly 17 payroll run
8/4/2021Potential delays with new vendor, change vendor requests
7/14/2021Spring 2021 PARs deadline extended to Friday, July 16
7/13/2021Residual budget carry forward and recurring allocations JVs complete
7/2/2021Important Update - 2021 Summer Pay Calendar's will be refreshed tonight
6/28/2021Urgent update: 2021 summer pay calendar mass refresh delayed for merit increases in SEEMLESS
6/25/2021Important reminder: 2021 summer pay calendar mass refresh for merit increases in SEEMLESS
11/2/2020Form I-9 Tentative Nonconfirmations Must Now Be Addressed Within 10 Business Days
10/6/2020BSI Tax Tool in SF is now functional
9/28/2020BSI Tax Tool Error in Success Factors
8/12/2020Reminder: SEEMLESS Summer Pay 2020 and Summer PARs 2020-21
7/1/2020Clarification on student employee FICA tax exemption in summer work
6/24/2020Critical update made to Banking Verification Form
6/17/2020Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld in error for student employees on 6/17 pay
5/27/2020REMINDER: Fall 2019 Effort Reporting Deadline is May 31, 2020
5/19/2020SEEMLESS Summer Pay 2020
4/10/2020COVID Tracking IO
4/10/2020COVID 19 Expense Tracking
3/23/2020Held check pick-up instructions - Appointments needed for held check pick-up
3/19/2020Held Check Pickup Moving to Hovde
12/4/2019ZV60 payments including personal payment requests year-end deadline
9/11/2019Social Security Number updates for payroll and benefits
8/20/2019Spring 2019 Effort Reporting SEEMLESS REMINDER
8/14/2019Spring 2019 Effort Reporting SEEMLESS deadline extended
7/24/2019Glacier International Tax System Off-line on 7/25
7/1/2019SEEMLESS Effort Reporting Update
7/1/2019Purchase order carryforward
6/6/2019SEEMLESS Application issue update
6/3/2019Summer Calendars in SEEMLESS
2/14/2019Fall 2018 Effort Reporting SEEMLESS application is available for users to certify PARs
12/6/2018All I-9s need to be fully completed by 12/15/2018 in current TALX system
11/21/2018No Held Check Pickup After 2PM Today
9/7/2018SEEMLESS is now available
8/31/2018Wire payments need both ZV60 and DocuSign to complete
8/20/2018AY Payroll for August
7/20/2018Dashboard Actions and Summer Months Reminder
7/12/2018SEEMLESS- Fix Has Been Made - “An error has occurred while handling the request”
7/11/2018SEEMLESSS- “An error has occurred while handling the request”
7/11/2018CRV and OBC Processing through the Bursar Office
7/10/2018URGENT - ZV60 Invoice Processing Issue (Tcode & Document Type Need Reviewed)
6/19/2018Cost Distribution Deadline
6/12/2018Correcting and re-submitting outstanding DIVs to Tax Department by 6/20/18
5/8/2018Spring PARs - Critical Information and Dates
5/8/2018SEEMLESS Application
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9/12/2022SAP view issues
6/15/2022Use FedEx in place of UPS until further notice
5/25/2022DocuSign Is Back Up
8/16/2021Form I-9: Delay in DHS TNC processing for Aliens Authorized to Work
4/2/2021IRS impersonation email being sent to university students and staff
5/14/2020Work-Study Internal Orders for 2020-2021 - Effective July 1, 2020
3/6/2020REMINDER: Important Steps for Summer 2019 PARs
2/4/2020ADP W-2 website issues
12/10/2019No SSNs should be entered into the E-Verify Section of the Onboarding Dashboard
9/20/2019Benefitfocus to undergo system blackout Sept. 23 through Sept. 29; access to resume Sept. 30
7/22/2019Purdue ID Card Office will be closed on July 23, 2019
6/24/2019Ariba Catalog
6/19/2019SEEMLESS/Summer Pay Update
6/19/2019Warning message when initiating terminations
4/2/2019Time pairs pulled at 5:00 p.m.
4/2/2019Webclock intermittent issues remain
4/1/2019Webclock is down
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