Content Providers are responsible for:

  • Determining the details of what needs to be communicated (e.g. new forms, changes to processes, information on frequently asked questions, changes to SAP etc.)
  • Determining the appropriate audience for the information. For example, some changes to processes may affect different audiences; such as, when Travel rolls out, some information may need to be communicated via PurdueToday and InsidePurdue, while other communication may be geared more toward Business@Purdue News.
  • Involving customers or other areas (when appropriate) to review content for communication.
  • Determining what the impact of a change may have on processes, forms, departmental Web site content and Business@Purdue Web site content, as well as the appropriate action to be taken.

The following individuals are content providers for Business @ Purdue News:

Accounting ServicesNo presence informationBrown, Stacy L (Accounting Services)
Accounting ServicesNo presence informationUmlauf, Stacy L
Accounting ServicesWesthuis, Matthew D
Accounting ServicesNo presence informationWiley, JoAnn
Business ManagementNo presence informationBessler, Janet
Business ManagementNo presence informationDavis, Cindy M
Business ManagementNo presence informationHutchins, Joanna M
Business ManagementNo presence informationRawles, Monique A
Business Services Training & CommunicationsNo presence informationCline, Cathleen R.
Business Services Training & CommunicationsNo presence informationWeatherford, Tiffany LB
Business Systems ReportingHaley, Mary R.
Business Systems ReportingNo presence informationParker, Kay L
Business Systems ReportingNo presence informationRawles, Cheri L.
Discovery Park Administration and Office of Vice President for ResearchNo presence informationRooze, Catherine J.
Human ResourcesNo presence informationMartin, Melissa A
Human ResourcesNo presence informationWilliams, Sharon S (Human Resources)
Human Resources (Compensation)No presence informationBoone, Monica G
Human Resources (Organizational Structure)No presence informationBraun, Joseph M.
Insurance ServicesNo presence informationKebert, Mark W.
Insurance ServicesNo presence informationKiser, Laurie A
Insurance ServicesNo presence informationUtermark, Tiffany V
Insurance ServicesNo presence informationVan Hoosier, Daniel J
ITNo presence informationJohnson, James W.
IT Customer RelationsNo presence informationCase, Jade M
IT Customer RelationsNo presence informationHines, Jonathan D
IT Customer RelationsNo presence informationKline, Greg N
IT Customer RelationsNo presence informationThomas, Andrea L
Office of the Vice President for Business Services and Assistant TreasurerNo presence informationGramelspacher, S. Mandi
Office of the Vice President for Business Services and Assistant TreasurerNo presence informationSteen, Sharon C.
Office of Treasury OperationsNo presence informationMimms, Teresa K
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationBaer, Linda M
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationColeman, Jane A
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationFarrell, Allison J
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationGreer, Rochelle M
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationSondgerath, Tracy L
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationTripp, Linda G.
Payroll ServicesNo presence informationUnderwood, Heather D
Procurement ServicesNo presence informationConner, Carolyn R.
Procurement ServicesNo presence informationStinebaugh, Cynthia A
Sponsored Program ServicesNo presence informationWillis, Stephanie J.
Sponsored Program Services (Contract Mgmt)No presence informationRehmel, Sally L
Sponsored Program Services (Contract Mgmt.)No presence informationHamaker, Amanda K
Sponsored Program Services (Post-Award)No presence informationHarris, Allison K
Student and Receivables Business Services (SRBS)No presence informationDoland, Edie M.