Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business@Purdue News?

Business@Purdue News is the preferred communication source for an array of information – from timely news to general announcements – that affects the work of Purdue University’s business staff. Articles published by Business@Purdue News may include new and revised business processes, forms, software problems, delays, solutions, deadlines, training, reminders, tips, new staff, employment opportunities and more.

What are the news categories and what type of information can I find in them?

Buying - The SRM/Purchasing-related information is directed to all staff who make purchases on behalf of their office. Its focus is business processes, shopping carts, purchase orders, invoices, change orders, vendors, ePlus, BOILERMART, ship-to addresses, catalogs, forms, where to find information, who to call for help, and more.

Facilities - Information focuses on the Physical Facilities plant, Transportation Service, Telecommunications, construction, maintenance and repair.

Finance - Articles provide news from Accounts Payable, Comptroller’s Area, Bursar, Tax Department, University Collections Office and Treasury Operations. Recent articles have included information about business processes, forms, employee allowances and reimbursements, account structure, accounts receivable, cash and banking, non-payroll transactions, graduate fee remissions rates, wire transfers, IRS reporting requirements, and account management guidelines.

General - A variety of non-business process articles can be found in the General category. Those include staff changes, new staff, retiring staff, employment opportunities, application and non-application project priorities, general announcements, ITaP, and others.

People - Articles are provided by Payroll, Human Resources, Shared Service Center, and the Tax Department. Topics have included compensation, holiday pay, payroll withholding taxes, direct deposit, hiring, insurance, leaves of absence and disabilities, organizational unit changes, retirement and separation, forms, new and revised process, and time administration.

Reports - The Reports category includes articles about reports: from the University’s Business Warehouse, GM AIMS, endowment, other types of data and reporting software. Articles are typically provided by the Business Warehouse, Accounting Services, Human Resources and the System Support Group Reporting team.

Research - Research articles typically communicate news concerning grants: new and revised guidelines, software/systems access, deadlines, and tips. Articles primarily are provided by Sponsored Program Services.

Security - Topics in the Security category cover SAP role requests, as well as University security procedures, warnings and tips, with an emphasis each October on National Cybersecurity Awareness.

Training - Check the Training category for the availability of business process and SAP training courses, teacher-led in a classroom setting as well as self-guided online classes. Classes cover a vast landscape, which includes accounting, basic skills, budget, business system analysis, funds management, grants management, human resources, life-cycle of an account, reporting, purchasing and travel.

Travel - Articles that provide travel related information useful to University employees is located in the Travel category. Topics include news from the University Travel and Transportation Services offices; tips related to car rental, hotel reservations, airport parking and flights; new and revised processes and forms; Department of State travel alerts and warnings; links to online booking websites; travel news from the federal Transportation Security Administration; mileage reimbursement; brown-bag lunches; and online and campus resources.

Who is responsible for the content on Business@Purdue News?

A team of content providers representing many of the business areas supplies most of the articles. After they determine what needs to be communicated, they write and submit a first draft of the information to the Business@Purdue News communications specialist, who reviews and copyedits the material for flow, emphasis and style, and returns it to the content provider for a final OK.

How can I submit an article for publication?

Business Services and business office employees may submit news to Business@Purdue News by contacting their area’s content provider. They may also email the information directly to Business @ Purdue News, at, or send it via the online submission form accessible near the bottom of the website’s home page. Articles submitted directly by someone other than a content provider are subject to approval by the website administrator. For additional submission details, click the Process for Submitting Information to Business @ Purdue News listed on the “General Info” section of this website.

Who should read Business@Purdue News?

Business@Purdue News contains important information for Business Services staff and business office personnel at all four Purdue University campuses. Due to the subject matter, Business@Purdue News is not intended for a campus-wide audience. However, many Purdue employees working in other than business arenas often find the benefit in the Business@Purdue News articles.

How is Business@Purdue News distributed?

Business@Purdue News is typically updated twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday. In the morning on those days, the Business@Purdue News’ administrator sends an email to everyone on its three mailing lists. The email contains the headline for each of that day’s articles, along with a link to the entire article on the website. Mailing lists come from three sources: one is composed of business and account clerks, one is generated weekly by HR and includes the employees of  business-related org units, and one is the Purdue employees who asked to receive the mailings. Together, there are around 800 recipients of the Business@Purdue News email. Business@Purdue News also is accessible online.

How can I subscribe to Business@Purdue News?

Purdue staff members who have not been receiving mailings of B @ P News but want to need only send an email request to with their name, department, telephone number and email address.

How can I contact the Business@Purdue News site administrator?

To reach the Business@Purdue News site administrator, send an email to with "Question/Comment about Business@Purdue News" in the subject line.