Training Coordinators

Business Management places a high priority on customer service, which includes the on-going development and training of staff in the organization.  Training Coordinators are Business Office staff who represent their cluster or college on committees and task forces engaged in planning, prioritizing, and implementing training of various types.

collapse Cluster : Education, Liberal Arts, Management and Technology ‎(1)
Byrd, Tonya Assistant Director of Financial Affairs765-496-0432tonya@purdue.eduKNOY
collapse Cluster : Executive Leadership, Office of the Treasurer, Purdue Extended Campus, Information Technology and Physical Facilities ‎(1)
Abdou, Sally Business Manager(765) 496-1084sabdou@purdue.eduSCHL
collapse Cluster : Pharmacy, Engineering, Science, Research/Partnership and Discovery Park ‎(3)
Beutel, Whitney Assistant Director of Financial Affairs(765) 494-2783wbeutel@purdue.eduMATH
Dixon, Kim D.Assistant Director of Financial Affairs(765) 496-6573kdixon@purdue.eduARMS
Kliewer, Janet Business Manager(765) 494-1402jkliewer@purdue.eduHANS
collapse Cluster : Public Affairs, Grad School and International Programs, Libraries and Student Life ‎(1)
Knight, Terry B.Account Assistant(765) 494-9106terry@purdue.eduSCHL
collapse Cluster : Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences ‎(1)
Mullen, Kimerly L.Business Manager(765) 494-4197mullenk@purdue.eduKRAN